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How do I request training be delivered at my location?

To schedule a training NDPTC requests that the hosting agency (agency requesting the course) provide a location for the course delivery, assist with filling the course delivery to meet our 25 participant minimum and to assist with the outreach of the course (NDPTC provides a flyer for distribution)

All course delivery requests need to be routed through the State Administrative Agency (SAA)/Training Point of Contact. Please be sure to request approval from the SAA prior to submitting your request. If you are unsure who the SAA in your area is, please contact us and we can guide you to correct contact to assist with your approval.
You can contact us directly at ndptc contact form to request our Training Request form or you can visit our online Training Request form at the following link-

Can anyone sign up for training? I am a concerned citizen and do not have access to the SAA, can I still attend training?

Those of the community are welcome to register for and attend our NDPTC course delivery offerings. Our course deliveries are listed on our website- and they are constantly being updated. If you are interested in a course delivery offering in your local area, please create a NDPTC profile for online registration for the course and please complete the online pre-test prior to the course date. In certain cases our hosting agencies request our courses for a specific group of their choice. If there is a registration code initiated, you can contact us regarding a request to attend the course and we can forward your request to our hosting agency for final decision and approval.

NDPTC is a mobile training center, so if you are interested in a course and you are a part of an organization that you feel could benefit from our courses we can coordinate with you regarding scheduling a course delivery in your local area at your facility.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, please contact NDPTC for a Foreign National Visitor Access Request form. This form needs to be completed, processed and approved for participation in our course deliveries. The form must be completed and submitted for approval 30-60 days prior to the course delivery. Once the form is completed you can forward the form to NDPTC- and we will submit the form for approval. Once a final decision is received, we will contact you.

//Training Request Forms

Contact NDPTC Staff Online Training Request Form Download Training Request PDF
If you have heard of NDPTC and would simply like more information regarding training and how to initiate the process of getting NDPTC courses offered in your area please contact us via the message form on our contact page. Note that you must have a user profile and be logged into the site in order to view and submit an online form. Once you have filled in the downloadable form wou can submit it via an email attachment to