Apr 17, 2014

The National Disaster Preparedness Training Center's Third Thursday event on April 17th featured Mr. Russ Shimooka presenting a short summary of NDPTC's new Leveraging Tools for Conducting Damage Assessments course. 

The ability to assess and track damage data is crucial immediately following a disaster, in order to determine recovery needs and effective resource allocation.  Although damage assessments have traditionally been recorded using paper forms and photographs, advances in technology now make it possible to collect and compile this data with greater accuracy and efficiency.  Mr. Shimooka demonstrated one of four tools that participants of the Leveraging Tools for Conducting Damage Assessments course will be able to work with and evaluate through hands-on activities.

The Third Thursday event, held at NDPTC's Fort Street Mall office, was well attended by NDPTC staff members, as well as our professional colleagues, instructors and friends. Future Third Thursday events will continue to be held at the NDPTC offices, as well as new venues, for variety and convenience for our various colleagues. We invite you to attend our next Third Thursday talk and pau hana, to be held on May 15.

Third Thursday

Apr 15, 2014
On the third Thursday of every month, NDPTC hosts a gathering of staff, partners, trainers and collaborators.  This month we will be demonstrating some of the tools being incorporated into a new FEMA certified course in development: LEVERAGING TOOLS FOR CONDUCTING DAMAGE ASSESSMENTS. The overview will be given by Russ Shimooka of Booze Allen Hamilton. There will be a short presentation starting at 4 pm, followed by Q & A and a networking pau hana.  Please feel free to join us for updates on this or any of our courses.  Location:  NPDTC Conference room, 828 Fort Street Mall, Suite 320.  For more information please contact Marge Porter --
Apr 07, 2014
University of Hawaii, Department of Urban and Regional Planning Job Fair

The University of Hawaii's Department of Urban and Regional Planning along with the American Planning Association's Hawaii Chapter will be hosting a job fair on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus on April 11, 2014. NDPTC's James Burke will be there to answer all your questions about a career with the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center. 

Job Fair Poster

Apr 03, 2014
The Albany police department takes own spin on social media
Since taking NDPTC's PER 304 Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery, Albany's police department has used social media as a two-way communication tool. According to Police Chief Robert Deardorff, he started out using the department's Facebook site to announce road closings and weather alerts, but since taking NDPTC's class on social media and talking to citizens, he has turned the page into what it is today —  a more interactive venue between the department and residents. For more information on the story, click here.