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Instructor Biographies

NDPTC's cadre of instructors are of the highest caliber, very well-respected in their fields and disciplines. Many have advanced degrees in science, engineering, planning, and architecture, and years of practical experience as leaders within their field of expertise.

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Photo of Ewert, John

John Ewert

John Ewert is a geologist based at the U.S. Geological Survey-Cascades Volcano Observatory (USGS-CVO). The observatory monitors potentially active volcanoes for signs of reawakening, conducts fundamental research on volcanic processes, carries out volcano hazards assessments, and is responsible for issuing warnings related to volcanic eruptions.

John began working with the USGS at Mount St. Helens in 1981, monitoring and researching eruptive activity there as well as working on projects at other Cascade Range volcanoes. In 1986 he was one of the founding members of the ongoing USAID-USGS Volcano Disaster Assistance Program (VDAP) and worked in VDAP from 1986-2010 responding to volcanic eruption crises and developing volcano monitoring infrastructure around the Pacific Rim. From 2010 to 2015 John served as the Scientist-in-Charge (SIC) of the Cascades Volcano Observatory and has recently returned to work with VDAP and on other volcano hazards projects in the United States. Current work includes publishing an update to the U.S. volcano threat assessment and developing implementation plans for the National Volcano Early Warning System (NVEWS) which was authorized by Congress in February, 2019.