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Plan 670: Interdisciplinary Seminar in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

Posted on Aug. 26, 2019

Fall 2019 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM, August 26 - December 9

CRN: 87256; Location: Saunders 713 (UH-TASI Conference Room)

Instructors: Karl Kim, Ph.D. | Rashed Chowdhury, Ph.D. | Jiwnath Ghimire, Ph.D.

This course provides an overview to the field of disaster management and humanitarian assistance. It is a collaborative course among universities in Asia and the Pacific. As a required class for the Graduate Certificate in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, it covers preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation and adaptation. It includes international speakers and presentations on disaster risk reduction and resilience. The class is suited for those interested in careers and research on homeland, climate, environmental, and human security. To see the flyer, go to: Plan670_Fall_2019_Flyer