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Pacific Desk Webinar series on Tropical Climatology in the Pacific

Posted on Oct. 7, 2020

Oct 7th, at 3PM Hawaii Time

Please join us next Wednesday, October 7th, at 3pm Hawaii Standard Time (10/8/20 0100 UTC) when the Pacific International Training Desk will be holding its third in a series of fall webinars. The webinar will be on the subject of climatology particular to the tropical Pacific Ocean. Our panelists include an assistant professor from the Oceanography Department at the University of Hawaii and a meteorologist from the National Weather Service Forecast Office on Guam. Topics of discussion will include seasonal changes in sea level height due to the the ENSO cycle and climatological features in the western Pacific unique to the current 2020 wet season. Please remember to register for the webinar in advance here to receive a link to attend. For those who are unable to join via Zoom, we will be streaming live on Facebook