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NDPTC Third Thursday Lecture Series

Posted on Jan. 21, 2021

Integrating Emerging Technology in Disaster Management

It is January 21, 2021, and NDPTC hosted its first Third Thursday Lecture of 2021. Today's lecture was about Integrating Emerging Technology in Disaster Management. To see the recording go to

We have two speakers today:

Mr. Michael Vorce is the president and owner of SiteTour 360. SiteTour 360 is a 360 panoramic imaging collection and visualization company. SiteTour 360 has captured 360 panoramic imagery for post-disaster damage assessment and recovery from several of the large disasters, including 2020 Hurricane Laura in Louisiana, 2019 Tornados in Alabama, 2019 Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, 2018 Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, among others. The imagery provides a valuable record for before and after analyses when comparing to existing Google Street View imagery.

Dr. David Roueche is an assistant professor at the University of Auburn, College of Engineering. Dr. Roueche is a structural engineer and has extensive experience with post-hazard structural performance assessments for the built and natural environment. Dr. Roueche is the Associate Director for Data Standards for the NSF funded Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance (StEER) network. The research focuses on assessing and improving the resilience of communities under extreme wind loads, including hurricanes and tornadoes, with particular emphasis on low-rise buildings.