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NDPTC SMEs are featured a WIRED magazine article on Evacuation for Hurricane Matthew

Posted on Oct. 6, 2016

Dr. Brian Wolshon and Dr. John Renne discuss matters of evacuation

The October 6, 2016 issue of Wired Magazine discusses the hot topic today, How to Move 2 Million People out of Hurricane Matthew's Way.  To see the article, go to

Traffic in Florida, South and North Carolina, and Georgia are now moving in one direction as on both sides of the road, vehicles are only running away from Hurrican Matthew as this Category 4 storm nears Florida. In this article, Dr. Brian Wolshon, a Louisiana State University civil engineering professor and evacuation expert is interviewed about evacuation behavior. He says that "Evacuees are fairly predictable, that there are the cautious minority that gets out quick, and there are the rabble scurrying about trying to pick up the necessities snarling up traffic before the evacuation begins."  Florida Atlantic University Transportation Planning Professor, John Renne states, "with the changing climate more devastating storms are occurring, how do we beef up the infrastructure so that we are not caught with our guard down." 

Dr. Wolshon has been assisting NDPTC on an evacuation course for FEMA.