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NDPTC 2020 Annual Report

Posted on Feb. 6, 2021

Now Available

Message from Karl Kim, Ph.D. Executive Director, NDPTC University of Hawaii

In addition to the pandemic, 2020 included record-setting hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, and other natural hazards for which additional preparedness, training, and education can support effective response and recovery. In addition to building strong communities of practice, the NDPTC is committed to leveraging research and development and new technologies to increase efficiencies and effectiveness in our programmatic goals. The Center has made significant progress in increasing both the quantity and quality of its training courses, with meaningful engagement of partners while continuing to be a learning, adaptive organization. The annual report describes the changes and transformations brought on by the pandemic and our efforts to better understand, manage and implement resilient, sustainable practices. I am profoundly grateful for our dedicated staff and committed partners. It is through the strength of community, collaboration, and continued engagement that we will continue to weather the pandemic and learn from disasters. We look forward to continued service, virtual meetings, with a return to normalcy in the not so distant future. If you have ideas about how we can better serve you, please let us know. With best wishes for a healthy, safe, and resilient new year.

To read the Annual Report go to NDPTC Annual Report. To download a PDF version click here.