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National Domestic Preparedness Consortium launches new Twitter account

Posted on Feb. 1, 2021

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The National Domestic Preparedness Consortium is excited to announce the launch of its official Twitter account, @NDPC_US, on Monday, February 1. This account will serve as a way to engage with emergency responders and consolidate all of the courses and resources from NDPC members in one place.

In the first few weeks of the launch, the account will feature a modified NDPC video that is also available on the website, highlights of individual member organizations, and information from the 2020 NDPC Annual Report. The account will serve as a central location for emergency responders to find resources, class information, and events from each NDPC member organization.

NDPC Chair Jeff Mayne says the Twitter page is yet another way that NDPC continues to innovate its resources to support emergency responders in a more technologically-connected world, especially due to the pandemic that has forced many to seek resources online instead of in person.

“We are excited for this Twitter account to reach new audiences and connect our current audience with other NDPC members,” Mayne said. “This past year, our organization has increased our online presence through videos, social media and e-Learning to provide resources to responders. We look forward to collaborating with our consortium members and using technology to adapt to our ever-changing world.”

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