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Inundation Forecasts for Low-Lying Pacific Islands

Posted on March 2, 2021

Pacific International Training Desk Webinar

NDPTC partner, the Pacific International Training Desk will be holding its first webinar of the spring 2021 season. Tuesday, March 2nd, at 3pm Hawaii Standard Time (3/3/21 0100 UTC) . This webinar will be on the subject of forecasting inundation events for low-lying Pacific Islands. Our speaker, a Physical Oceanographer at the Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division of the Pacific Community (SPC), is currently developing an inundation forecast system in conjunction with several South Pacific Met Service members.  His talk will cover applications of these models to several Pacific Island countries, including the Marshall Islands, illustrating the possibilities for improvements in coastal hazard vulnerability assessments and operational impact-based multi-hazard forecast systems for coastlines. Please remember to register for the webinar in advance here.


For those who are unable to join via Zoom, we will be streaming live on Facebook