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CA-HI Transportation Symposium

Posted on March 21, 2022

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The University of Hawaii, National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, and the Pacific Urban Resilience Lab are hosting the California-Hawaii Transportation Symposium with the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS), State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, City and County of Honolulu, Department of Transportation Services, University of Southern California METRANS, and California State University at Long Beach. Please join the sessions and the discussion.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

CA-HI Symposium

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Hawaii Time)


Meeting ID: 941 7625 0521

Passcode: 515273

9:00 Opening Plenary


Dara Wheeler, California Department of Transportation

Overview and Partnership of Hawaii Transportation System

Ed Sniffen, Hawaii State Department of Transportation

9:30 Break (10 Minutes – Start at 9:35 AM)

9:45 A1 Breakout Session – Freight Partnerships for Economic Vitality

Moderator: Tom O’Brien, University of California, Long Beach

Hawaii Freight System: Kuuhaku Park, Matson Navigation

Disaster Relief Supply Chains: Suwan Shen, University of Hawaii at Manoa

LA Waterfront Redevelopment: Sue Lai, Port of Los Angeles

Fresh Cut Flowers: Camron King, Certified American Growers


Meeting ID: 995 1393 3777

Passcode: 477987

A2 Breakout Session – Tourism Impact on Infrastructure

Moderator: Stuart Mori, California Department of Transportation

Lake Tahoe Tourism: Devin Middlebrook, Tahoe Regional Planning Authority

California State Parks Systems: Alexander Stehl, California State Parks

Hawaii Destination Action Plans: John De Fries, Hawaii Visitors Bureau

11:00 Break (30 Minutes)


Meeting ID: 941 7625 0521

Passcode: 515273

11:30 B1 Breakout Session – Emerging Transit Issues

Moderator: Andrew Furillo, California Department of Transportation

Cal-ITP Program: Lilly Shoup, California Department of Transportation

Microtransit: James Drake, Sacramento Regional Transit District

Cybersecurity: Gen Tamura and Giovanni Williams, DHS CISA

Zero Emission Public Transit Vehicle Planning in Honolulu: Roger Morton, City and County of Honolulu


Meeting ID: 995 1393 3777

Passcode: 477987

B2 Breakout Session – Climate Change and Disaster Preparedness Campus Center Room 309 & 310

Moderator: Karl Kim, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Systems Resilience in Climate Change Events

Lisa Worthington, California Department of Transportation

Frances Edwards, San Jose State University

Fraser Shilling, University of California, Davis

Karl Kim, University of Hawaii at Manoa

12:45 Break


Meeting ID: 941 7625 0521

Passcode: 515273

1:00 Closing Plenary

Campus Center Room 307 & 308

Jeanie Ward-Waller, California Department of Transportation

Lori Pepper, California State Transportation Agency

Marlon Flournoy, California Department of Transportation